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This is a wonderful house centrally located in Fira with caldera view.  It is 280m2 in size and is actually comprised of two homes, one on top of the other.   The home has a courtyard, area for roof garden.   Bedrooms and livingrooms with high 5m cielings, and lofts in both houses.   The home needs repairs but is structurally sound.

Price 670.000 euros firm, Reduced from 800.000

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…just look at this chart

www.santorinirealestate.com  www.santoriniselection.com

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Stillness Fills the Air and the Sky is Darkening

The recession in the US is over, they say.   Well, from the front lines it don’t look too good to moi.   Yesterday night at the spectacular Good Friday procession in my gorgeous village of Pyrgos, we had about 20% of the normal amount of visitors.   These visitors are ususally Greeks from other parts of Greece but there are also usually many from other countries.    I dont care what they say, but I dont see the hotel requests coming in, the roads are empty and the visitors that do come are not spending money.   If you are smart you would short the over inflated HOT index and get prepared for a Greek default due to crashing revenues from the result of lack of tourists and the consequent closing of businesses.  I think that by October everyone will be sure that this debt load is unsustainable, the austerity measures wont suffice and that every thing will come crashing down for Greece.   The fire that will be burning will not be from  the lanterns which light up my beautiful Pyrgos on Good Friday, but the fire resulting from the crash and burning of the local economy and from the others who hold our debt.    

For those of you with cash, there will be some blue light specials happening in the local real estate market.  I know I said this last year and I was only off by one month….the only thing that didnt happen was for the local real estate  market to totally react to the debt crisis.   This winter it will.



www.santoriniselection.com  www.santorinirealestate.com

pirgos santorini good friday

6000 lanterns lit up for the Good Friday celebration in my village

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